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In order to qualify for the program, you must be a woman* of color, 18 years or older, residing in the US (including Puerto Rico) for the duration of the program in 2024, and have an active LinkedIn profile.

You may only apply for ONE MENTOR. If you submit more than one application, we will only accept the last one.

There is $25 non-refundable administrative fee to apply for mentorship. This donation helps offset the cost of processing applications and makes a meaningful difference in sustaining the program. If this presents a financial hardship, you can make a smaller contribution or opt-out altogether with assurance that all applications are treated equally. 

Review the questions below and prepare your answers for the application.

*This includes cis, trans, non-binary, femmes, gender non-conforming, gender-expansive, & gender-fluid people.


For the first time, we are providing our UPlicants a preview of the questions! We strongly encourage you to take time to prepare your answers as they constitute the most critical part of the application. This will allow you to give more time and thought to this portion of the application. We recommend you keep a copy of your answers as we will not send them to you and in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your submission.


At this stage in your career, what are your short-term and/or long-term professional goals? (750 characters or less)


Why is this mentor a good fit for you and vice versa?

(750 characters or less)


List 3-5 topics and or questions you would cover with your mentor. (750 characters or less)


  1. Once you have chosen your mentor, take the time to research them. This will be apparent in the answer to the question "Why this mentor is most suitable for you".

  2. Prepare your application early so that you do not miss the submission deadline.

  3. This is a highly competitive program, so we recommend you inject your personality into your responses so that you stand out. Mentors consider interpersonal dynamics in addition to professional alignment.



  1. Can I apply if I have previously applied and did not get a mentor?
    Yes, of course!


  2. Can I apply if I have been an UP mentee in the past?


  3. Can I apply for more than one mentor?
    No. If you apply to more than one mentor, we will only accept the last submission.


  4. What if I make a mistake and accidentally submit early?


  5. Will I receive confirmation of my application?
    If you do not receive a confirmation email within an hour, please email

  6. When will I hear if I have been chosen as a mentee?
    Everyone who applied will be notified mid-December, 2023 whether or not they were selected.


  7. Will you provide me with a copy of my answers?
    No. In case something goes wrong in the application process, we highly recommend you keep a copy of your answers for your records.


  8. If I don't get chosen, will I still get an email?


  9. May I contact the mentor to whom I'm applying directly?
    No. If you are chosen, we will put you in direct contact with your mentor. If you are not chosen, we discourage you from contacting the mentors directly.


  10. Will I be provided with the reasons why I wasn't chosen?
    Unfortunately, no.

  11. Does Founder Sophia Chang review the applications and make matches?
    No. Sophia only reviews her own UPlicants. The mentors review their UPlicants and make their own choices.


  12. What if I have to travel abroad in 2024?
    If you anticipate being out of the country for more than 3 months, you should note it in your application. 


  13. Can I apply to the program if I am a white woman?
    No. But we welcome you to be a member of the broader UP community by signing up for our newsletter.


  14. Can I apply for the program if I do not live in the US but am a US citizen?
    No. You must reside in the US (including Puerto Rico) during the program in 2024.


  15. Do I need to be 18 years old to apply? 
    You must be 18 year
    s old by January 1, 2024 when the program begins.

  16. When do applications close?
    The application deadline has been extended to 11:59 PM EST/8:59 PM PST. September 9, 2023.

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