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"I can help you: develop plan for scaling your business, navigate company “politics” and build your personal brand."

Gordon has just stepped down after over five years as CEO at WeTransfer, the company that builds workflow tools for creatives.

Since he joined in 2017, the business has expanded rapidly: monthly users growing from 30M to 90M, revenues up over 5 times and growing more than 60% in 2021 to over €100m.

In 2020 WeTransfer became a certified B Corp, in 2021 announced it was committing to donate 1% of its revenues to the WeTransfer charitable Foundation and in ’22 won an Oscar in collaboration with Riz Ahmed.

Prior to WeTransfer Gordon spent over 8 years at Amazon overseeing the launch of the Kindle business across Europe, then leading the European advertising business with his final role scaling the UK grocery business.

Prior to Amazon Gordon held senior executive positions at eBay, the FT and Diageo.

Gordon is based in the UK.

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