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IFP Communications

"I'm the social director, the party planner, the camp counselor all rolled into one.” -Cosmopolitan Magazine 

As a born and bred New Yorker (by way of Brooklyn, to be exact), Melissa Rosenfield has always been a connector. Her affinity for the most cutting-edge, unique, and thoughtful cultural experiences and things has led her to a life defined by well-seeded relationships with movers and shakers (attaining her a certain level of notoriety at a young age)  in a variety of lifestyle verticals, including but not limited to hospitality, fashion, art, music, and food.

Being around trailblazers throughout her life, Melissa naturally decided to forge for herself a new and unknown path. As the world’s one and only “Director of Vibe,” she is a lifestyle innovator, luxury travel expert and social director all rolled into one. She connects brands with the right people, in the right places, at the right times, establishes authentic partnerships, and most importantly, alignments that drive business and yield a strong ROI.

In 2010, Melissa made her role as Director of Vibe official and put the concept into the world by way of her work as a consultant with the Viceroy Hotel Group.  By 2015, Melissa’s consulting role had landed her collaborations with GM, Samsung, and 1Hotels, putting her on a fast track to conquering the lifestyle space in both New York, LA, and beyond. 

Later in 2015, she took it one step further and launched IFP Communications, a New York-based agency that focused on creative brand strategy, marketing, and public relations.  Since its launch, IFP has worked with true indie brands and notable brands, including Girlfriend Collective, Little Spoon, Soozy’s Grain-Free, Momotaro Apotheca, Supernow, GREATS, Wandering Bear Coffee, and more, taking them from obscurity to household names.  

Her most recent accomplishments perfectly represent her ability to challenge conventional business models; she was instrumental in launching multiple indie beauty and food brands into major retailers in 2021 and 2022, including Target, Sprouts, Ulta, and Walmart – including a sexual wellness brand that may have once been considered taboo. 

Melissa is incredibly active in her spare time – both figuratively and literally. She is an engaged mother of Sidney, aka This Vibe Baby. She believes No Kid Hungry is a major cause everyone should be paying attention to and often partakes in workout sessions with Peloton and Mirror at home. She loves spending weekends outside (weather permitting) and hanging with friends.  

And she believes in the power of doing things with a swagger and a smile.

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