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Authentic Talent & Literary

Mitch Solomon is a well-established feature film and television literary manager, with over 15 years of experience representing writers and directors. He is also a veteran producer, with high level experience running production companies at major studios. In his position at Authentic Talent and Literary Management, Mitch’s special focus is his talent for finding the core story within any piece of material and identifying the right constellation of talent to give it traction in the marketplace. His passion for development is informed by his roots as a producer, running the production arm for Magnet Management, as well as previous stints leading production at financier Film Roman, independent production companies with Miramax and Warner Bros. and heading development at Robert Redford’s Wildwood Enterprises. As a producer and executive, Mitch oversaw award-winning productions such as Lasse Hallstrom’s CIDER HOUSE RULES and Redford’s QUIZ SHOW. Independent producing includes Sundance opener MY FIRST MISTER and thriller BLOOD IN THE WATER. In all, Mitch has been directly involved with over fifty produced television shows and movies as a manager, executive and producer. Mitch has a particular interest in politics, creating and partnering on 501c3 organizations that merged the film, television, and music businesses for Presidential and Congressional campaigns. Mitch is a graduate of Vassar College and is proud to live in Eagle Rock with his partner who runs digital marketing for ArtCenter College of Design and raising a rambunctious teen.

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