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"I'm here to work with up & coming kid lit writers. Whether you're someone early on in the process and want help with story building and manuscript polishing, or someone ready to start querying agents, I can help guide you through those processes. I can also help talk through what the best way to actually work is, including: time management, what questions you can ask yourself, or how to focus your attention when working on multiple projects."

Preeti Chhibber is an author, speaker, and freelancer. She's written for SYFY, Polygon, and Elle, among others. In 2022, she made her Marvel comics debut in WOMEN OF MARVEL #1 with a brand-new Black Cat story. This year will also see the release of Spider-Man’s Social Dilemma, the first in an original upper-middle grade Peter Parker trilogy from Marvel Press. Find her co-hosting the podcasts Desi Geek Girls and Tar Valon or Bust. She’s appeared on panels at NYCC, SDCC, and on screen on SYFY. You probably recognize her from one of several BuzzFeed “look at these tweets” lists.


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