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Authentic Talent & Literary

Anne Woodward has 20 years’ experience in the entertainment business shepherding the careers of actors, writers, and directors. She began her career in casting, later segueing into management and production.

Born in Northern California, Anne dismayed her parents by moving to Southern California after college graduation and getting a job in TV and Film casting. Those formative years working with casting directors taught her how each actor can be unique to a part. Being in the room after the casting sessions taught her how different visions came together and how good representation could make or break someone’s career.

After three years in casting, Anne took a position at Industry Entertainment as a talent assistant. She was eventually promoted to Manager, working on the teams of A-List actors, writers, and directors. In 2001 she joined the newly-formed Catch 23 Entertainment, where she continued to grow her own business.

In 2014, Anne joined Authentic Talent with a well-respected client list, including many who have been with Anne since her early days in the management business. In addition to representation, Anne has produced two of her clients’ short films and served as Executive Producer on Brie Larson’s directorial debut, “Unicorn Store.” She presently serves as the co-head of Authentic’s Los Angeles office.

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