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Vice President of Content Development

HULU Originals

In full disclosure I will say I hold no key to success.  My goal will be to help you be best positioned for opportunity.  As a mentor I am happy to give you feedback on your pitch, film or visual project and clue you into the market place you will face as you try to finance.  I can also help you hone the narrative you will bring to the project to sell it. I am obsessed with story elements, story structure and love playing with form.  I consider it my goal to help you upend tropes and avoid formulas.. If you aspire to be a producer or creative executive I can help with development, networking and outline creative skills to hone.

Beth Osisek is a VP of Content Development at HULU Originals focused on documentary and limited series. She brings her decades long experience as an award winning filmmaker to the position. Since joining the Hulu team she has worked on I Am Greta, Framing Britney Spears, Padma Lakshimi’s Taste The Nation, Hilary, Captive Audience and Victoria Secrets: Angels and Demons. She is driven by a belief in the power of story to entertain, inform and impact. Before joining Hulu, she executive produced the three part Netflix documentary series Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates which looks at Gates's past and present as he tackles some of the biggest problems facing the world today. Other work includes CNN Films "We Will Rise'' with Michelle Obama and the PBS documentary "MAKERS: Women Who Make History".

"The reason I wanted to be mentored by Beth was because of her straightforward approach. From day one, she provided knowledge and insight in a clear and easy way for me to understand. Through our sessions, I ultimately decided what my path should be in the tv/film industry. She has shown a willingness to help me progress and connect with other major players in the industry."

— Jazmine

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