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Managing Director

Purpose Venture Group

Diana Rhoten is a design and innovation strategist specializing in human-centered design and systems-level change. Over her 20-year career, Rhoten has designed organizations for change across business, government, and philanthropy. 

Diana is currently the Managing Director of Purpose Venture group, which is a full-service strategy consulting firm that exclusively advises ventures advancing the health of our climate and our social compact. Before joining PVG, Diana was Managing Director at IDEO, where she led the NY studio and Purposeful Brands portfolio. Prior to consulting, Diana was CSO at Amplify, a subsidiary of News Corp Inc., where she focused on the venture’s post-acquisition integration and expansion. In addition to her “edtech” executive experience, Diana has extensive entrepreneurial expertise as co-founder of Startl, the first start-up accelerator for digital learning innovation. Earlier in her career, Diana also designed and advised different commercial and non-commercial R&D entities on the power of interdisciplinary collaboration to generate breakthroughs in climate science / tech. As a side hustle, Diana is (still) developing her first illustrated book series called Gangsters of Love. 

Diana graduated from Brown, Harvard, and Stanford Universities as well as the Freestyle Love Supreme Academy.

"I feel perfectly matched with my mentor, Diana Rhoten. We have overlaps in perspective about life and the world that make strategizing about work and longterm goals easy and exciting! She's incredibly honest and transparent about her experience and reflects back to me what she sees in me."

— Grace

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