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Brand Strategist | Creative Marketing

Roc Nation

Named one of Billboard Magazine’s 2021 “40 Under 40,” Ileana V. Diez integrates creativity and innovation into all things that she does.  As a founder in her own brand strategy and creative marketing consultancy, Ileana works with global brands and companies alike to build bridges between them and real authentic people and culture. 

Previously Head of Marketing at Roc Nation, Ileana created and oversaw campaigns for 70+ clients including Rihanna’s first return to music in over 5 years, the launch of Rihanna’s luxury fashion brand FENTY Maison (LVMH) as well as Mariah Carey’s career-defining 30th Anniversary campaign. While at Roc Nation, Ileana also created an in-house ‘Cultural Creative Agency’ where she spearheaded innovative global campaigns for clients such as Afterpay. Prior to Roc Nation, Ileana was a senior publicist at Island Records, where she was instrumental to the launch of Grammy-nominated Shawn Mendes’ career as well as the re-launch of Nick Jonas’ solo career.

Born in Puerto Rico but raised as a third culture kid living throughout Mexico, Hong Kong, Australia and the USA, Ileana's personal passion is empowering women of color within creative industries and as a mentor, can help you define your own personal brand, strengthen your networking skills, and help develop a clear career path to achieve your goals and dreams. 

"As a young creative starting her first big girl job out of college, Ileana’s mentorship provided me with fierce words of wisdom that couldn’t have come at a better time."

—Priyanka P.

"Ileana helped me feel certain that I'm doing all the right things for my career switch to music. She boosted my confidence and trust in myself to continue being independent, rather than go get a full time job (just for the sake of added security) that doesn't serve my health, lifestyle or passions."

—Maaheem A.

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