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Executive Director, Social Impact Advisor

We Are Family Foundation (WAFF)

As Executive Director of We Are Family Foundation (WAFF), founded by legendary music producer and multi-Grammy winner, Nile Rodgers, Jess Teutonico helps lead one of the world's most influential global networks of youth - social entrepreneurs, activists and creatives from 100+ countries who are working to solve systemic social and racial inequities and injustice.  She's also a social impact advisor and helped on the campaign for the adoption of The International Day of Happiness by the United Nations 193 member nations by consensus with Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Al Bayati, the Ambassador to Iraq,  and Kweku and Ndaba Mandela. She has consulted for TED Conferences, The Global Creative Leadership Summit, and in her former life, she was a Director of Special Events at Vogue Magazine and produced fashion shows for Tom Ford, Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci, among others.

Jess has been featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, Forbes, CBS Radio, Refinery 29 and Paper Magazine named her a “Do-Gooder of the Year” and has spoken across various global platforms including the United Nations, The World Economic Forum, Harvard, Yale, INK, Les Napoleons and UNFINISHED, among others.

She has sat on the braintrust of Unlock Her Potential since its inception.



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