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Artisan Baker | Owner | Founder

Sullivan Street Bakery

"I can provide guidance on how to start a food-centered business, and insights into the entire spectrum on the food industry, ranging from retail to wholesale. I can also provide support in identifying what you need to do to be recognized, and to build a food brand. I will not teach you bread-making. I will not hire you or find you a job."

Jim Lahey is an artisan baker, owner and founder of the Sullivan Street Bakery, in NYC and Miami. 

He is the creator of the no-knead baking method and author of “My Bread”, “My Pizza”and “The Sullivan Street Bakery Cookbook”. Jim has received two James Beard awards, for outstanding baker and “who’s who“ in food and wine in America. He lives in NYC with his wife Maya, his children, and his rescue dog Polly.

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