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Lisa Zeno Churgin is an editor based in Los Angeles. She began her career working as an assistant on the cult classic, THE WARRIORS, which brought her to LA from New York City. She assisted on 2 more Walter Hill films before leaving the film business to pursue an MBA at Columbia University. But ultimately choosing her love of film over the pursuit of money, Lisa returned to LA and editing. While working her way up, she had the opportunity to work on RAGING BULL, MASK, THREE AMIGOS and THE ACCIDENTAL TOURIST. As an editor, Lisa has worked on a wide range of films, refusing to be pigeon-holed into one genre. Highlights include BOB ROBERTS, REALITY BITES, DEAD MAN WALKING, GATTACA, THE CIDER HOUSE RULES (Oscar nominated as Film Editor), THE WEDDING PLANNER, HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG, PITCH PERFECT and AN AMERICAN PICKLE. She is particularly proud of her 3 films done with Director David Lowery, PETE’S DRAGON, THE OLD MAN; THE GUN (Robert Redford’s last starring role) and PETER PAN; WENDY.

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