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I'm a Go-Get-Her

I have built my career understanding the power of the female brain on fire, the girl who is at the front, the woman juggling and struggling. Are you a writer? I'll show you how to find your voice, nurture it, unleash it. Are you interested in being a Creative Director? I'll unpack what that entails, guide you through corporate shenanigans, bolster your LinkedIn profile. Are you contemplating your next move? Oh my, let's get started. I can help you with any of those things. Here's some part of what I reign at: being your cheerleader. Here's a short list of some of what makes me right for you: I've had to tell Tyler Perry not to sing Millie Jackson's "Phuck You Symphony" in my on-air spot, I've had the great pleasure to produce a monthly stand-up show and I co-founded one of the pioneering zines of Third Wave Feminism, BUST. I've worked at SiriusXM/Pandora, BET, Madison Square Garden, the NFL, HBO, Lifetime, and so many other brands, as a Creative Director. I just published my first YA novel GETTING OVER MAX COOPER. I'm working on my Master's in Women and Gender Studies. And I'm just getting started. At my core, I'm a storyteller. I'd rather write than do most anything, and I know this: every woman has a story to tell. I'll mentor you to tap into yours.




"My marvelous mentor Marcelle expanded my perception of who I was by offering a safe space for me to explore my place in this chapter of my life. She told me, "Rejection is not the obstacle, it's lack of effort." This statement propelled me into my potential as a writer. Not only did Marcelle light the fire, but she also fanned the flame."

— Janel

"My experience with the Unlock Her Potential mentorship program has been nothing short of fantastic. I was selected to be a part of the program the first year and that’s when I met Marcelle Karp. During that year Marcelle encouraged and inspired me with her words of wisdom and kindness during our one-hour sessions. Her jovial spirit added a light-heartedness to our virtual meets which were during the pandemic. She always gave me a task to complete to help me stay on track to meet my goals, rather it was ways to expand my audience with my podcast or writing every day for 15 minutes, which eventually turned into one hour. As a writer, stand-up comic, and artist she was instrumental in helping me develop my level of discipline towards how I approach my creativity. I always left those meetings with my head held higher and a little bit more pep in my step. Thank you a million times to Marcelle for guiding and mentoring me, still!"

— Rukeyah

"I met my UHP mentor Marcelle Karp in 2021, the pivotal year I chose to break-up with my 10-year career as an academic mindfulness researcher. Determined to pursue a dream life as a creative professional, I pushed myself to land a new job as the Director of Communications at a Global Health NGO. I was ready to work with them to produce international video series about activist health workers in the pandemic, but found myself battling with severe nerves and impostor syndrome.

Marcelle's mentorship helped me leap past my fears and step into the role to lead my team with confidence. She offered invaluable feedback as I successfully pitched, funded, produced, and launched the video series. Every conversation inspired me to tap deeper into my strengths, build new professional networks, and navigate the ups and downs of being a multidisciplinary creative leader.

Since our year together, her advice has supported my capacity to take on new writing clients, travel internationally as a creative producer, and instill a work-life balance that aligns with my health and life goals.

Meeting up with Sophia and Marcelle in New York after a year of Zooming in from California was an added layer of bliss to my mentorship experience. Now, as a UHP alumni, I aim to pay my blessings forward and open doors for other women of color within my industry. I'm honored to have been part of this mentorship cohort, and believe in growing this movement so more women of color can access lifechanging opportunities."

— Sami

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