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Founder & CEO

Friends At Work

I can help you: in fields of music, film, TV and entertainment, understand how better to build a team culture that lasts, stay healthy and whole as an entrepreneur, manage artists and make a positive social impact on the world.

Ty Stiklorius is the Founder and CEO of Friends At Work, an entertainment and social-impact company that partners with leading creators, influencers and brands to elevate important voices and help their vision thrive. Founded in 2015, LA-based Friends At Work supports the careers of artists including John Legend, Raphael Saadiq, Lindsey Stirling, and Charlie Puth, among others. Friends At Work also advises organizations and individuals on social-impact strategy, business development, and creative storytelling and production. In 2019, Ty started managing impacters Neal Katyal and Erica Chidi Cohen recognizing the important need for infrastructure around changemakers.

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