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DJ Scratch’s illustrious career spans over 3 Decades. From being the opening act for RUN DMC & the third member of EPMD in the 80’s. To producing 8 Platinum Albums along with 3 Grammy Nominations for Busta Rhymes in the 90’s. To becoming the tour DJ for Jay Z in the early 2000’s to becoming the opening act for Beyonce. This born & raised Brooklyn, NY Native is considered in the Hip Hop World as a 5 Star General. A 2 Time World Champion DJ, Grammy Winner, the first recipient of the Global Spin Awards “Turntablist Of The Year” Award (Grammy For DJ’s) & Scratch won this award 3 years in a row. In 2016, Scratch achieved the highest honor a DJ can receive by being knighted a Grandmaster by DJ Kool Herc (The Father Of Hip Hop). While his status in Hip Hop is undeniable, his talent & brand extends Far beyond the turntables.

When Scratch isn't DeeJaying, he’s programming his Online Television Network (ScratchVision). ScratchVision (Launched in 2009) is a online TV & Radio Network dedicated to giving the public what was taken off of Music Television (The Music). With a lineup of fellow Iconic DJ’s, Scratch has been able to create a global musical balance by using the power of the internet.

With his Website & Mobile App having the capability of video streaming live shows around the World, Scratch has silently become a internet Mogul. Scratch has also spread the ScratchVision gospel to SiriusXM & FM Radio with his shows “The DJ Scratch Show” on LL Cool J’s Rock The Bells Radio via SiriusXM & “ScratchVision Radio” on New York’s 94.7 The Block. DJ Scratch has mastered the Art of reinventing himself while keeping his identity in the culture & Sub-Culture Of Music. While his music production is responsible for the sale of over 30 Million records, his first love is the turntables. So look forward to seeing DJ Scratch at an event near you.

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