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"I can help with business, creativity, going from zero to one, building a team, fundraising, dealing with lawsuits, managing employees, hiring / firing, breaking into the fine art world, breaking into the fashion world, etc."

Gabriel Whaley is the CEO and founder of MSCHF, a collective of approximately 20 artists who are all about poking fun at contemporary trends and riding on the wave of controversy. In 2020, the brand received global attention when they customized a pair of Air Max 97s into "Jesus Shoes" where the soles contain holy water from the River Jordan. The design collective, MSCHF, sold the shoe for over a thousand dollars. Fast forward to 2021, their collaboration with Lil Nas X on the Air Max 97 "Satan Shoes," drew major controversy, that fed off of the common saying, "no press is bad press." Whaley once said, that their "perspective is everything is funny in a nihilistic sort of way. We're not here to make the world a better place. We're making light of how much everything sucks."

It appears that with each controversial project, Whaley drove more and more interest and buzz toward MSCHF. The label was once again been at the top of the news when it sold 1,000 Warhol artworks for $250 USD each, but only one would be real. Playing Russian Roulette with one of the most coveted artists in the world would be unimaginable for some, but for MSCHF, it was the perfect way to make art accessible.

This year, the Brooklyn-based startup kicked off the season with a project that resold designer shopping bags. On brand with the company's ethos of being "fans of mischief," Whaley and his team are exactly that, always looking to gain attention for their art, whether it is negative or not. Continuing on this creative path, MSCHF came together with Tiffany & Co. to handcraft "The ultimate Participation Trophy." Continuing its foray into the footwear world, the company officially launched its Air Force 1-inspired Super Normal sneakers in white and "5 O'Clock Shadow." MSCHF captures the entirety of the world with the release of the adventurous Gobstomper, drawing notes from the iconic Gobstopper candy that shows off hidden colors with wear in collaboration with Jimmy Fallon, and later arriving in a "Sour Edition." The mischief does not end with painting, as it also recently sold 1,000 keys for one shared mystery car that was located somewhere in New York City. With all that they have done in 2022, MSCHF shows no signs of stopping when it comes to fun and causing chaos.

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