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English Literature | Author | Educator

Vassar College

"I will help you express yourself - your questions and ideas, provocations and arguments, your major and minor feelings - with power and precision, elegance and variety. I will not proofread your writing for publication. Rather we will discuss samples of your work with an eye on rewriting and put it in conversation with close readings of texts you and I love. At the close of our year you will be writing a prose that is conversational but free of bromides and catchphrases, that sounds assured even in the interrogative mood, that moves at a brisk clip but can stop on a dime, that can switch rhetorical registers from high to low and be steady in the pocket."

Heesok Chang teaches English literature at Vassar College. He is the author of British Modernism (Blackwell) and various articles on literature and media, philosophy and critical theory. His areas of interest include continental philosophy, poetry, world lit, Asian and Asian American literature and film, media and politics. 

Heesok has decades of experience mentoring students: college goers who want to improve their academic performance and students who would like help navigating the various stages of grad school (starting and finishing a thesis, securing letters of rec, writing for academic publication, applying and interviewing for jobs and fellowships). But he will also mentor anyone interested in improving their reading and writing skills, non-fiction or fiction, poetry or prose.

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