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Talent Manager | Producer

Anonymous Content

Kimberly Carver is a talent manager and producer at Anonymous Content in Los Angeles. She represents a diverse and talented group of writers, producers, directors and talent in the entertainment industry, specifically in television and film. Kimberly is the executive producer of the HBO Max series, JULIA, starring Sarah Lancashire and David Hyde Pierce. She also co-created and executive produces the non-scripted version of THE JULIA CHILD CHALLENGE for Food Network. In addition, she executive produced several comedies series, including BARELY FAMOUS, COMEDY GET DOWN and VERY SUPERSTITIOUS.

At the very heart of what I do is the ability to effectively be many things to many people, be it an entrepreneur, advisor, producer, therapist, and cheerleader. Vital to my role as a manager is the capacity to package and manage client ideas, persuade others to see the value of their vision and act on it all the while pushing client career goals to new heights.

While I may have a passion like others in the business, the path that led me here is a little different. I was educated at the University of Pennsylvania and believed my career lay in the finance world. However, shortly after my career in finance began, it quickly ended. I knew this was not where I wanted to be, and it did not fulfill my creative aspirations. So, I did the only thing I could do, I quit and headed out west. My biggest asset during that time was my willingness to do whatever I needed to do to make my dreams a reality, which all started with the first step – the willingness to bet on myself.

I learned early on in this journey that there are a million different ways into the entertainment business, and it was critical to be open minded every step of the way. That open mindedness paid dividends when I gave a contact a stock tip that paid off. As a result, this “contact” was so impressed with the information I gave him that he passed along my contact information to a friend of his at a talent agency, CAA, which led to a job as an assistant. From that seemingly inconsequential stock tip, my career took flight.

For over 20 years I’ve continued to maintain that level of openness and intellectual curiosity as a manager and producer. Combined with the knowledge that I’m doing exactly what I want and love to do. What propels my career is the choice to continue to make something happen in the face of a thousand no’s. This thinking has led to a very rewarding and unpredictable journey in bringing the artists vision to life.

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