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Literary Agent & Subsidiary Rights Director

Dystel, Goderich & Bourret

"I want to mentor someone whose goal is to advance in book publishing, whether as a writer or on the other side of the desk. If you’re a writer, I can help you understand querying and publishing, what works best for you in your process and professional relationships, how to maximize your opportunities, and how to navigate the challenges of the publishing world. I have experience working with a diverse roster of writers across many genres and categories, from middle grade to adult, fiction and nonfiction. I’ve worked with authors with a wide range of publishing experiences: Big 5, independents, small presses, self-publishing, work-for-hire, etc. I’m not the right mentor to edit or help you craft your work, but if you’re looking for insight into the business side of publishing, I might be a fit. If you’re working on goals related to a career in publishing, I can help you to learn the various roles, figure out avenues into and up within the competitive workforce, develop professional strategies to thrive in a challenging industry, and more from my 18+ years at a literary agency."

Lauren E. Abramo is a literary agent and subsidiary rights director at Dystel, Goderich & Bourret, a book publishing agency. She works directly with authors on her personal client list as well as in selling foreign and audio rights across the agency’s list. On her small client list she represents fiction and nonfiction from middle grade through adult with an emphasis on authors from communities not well represented in publishing. Her list includes literary fiction and both upmarket and commercial suspense, romance, and women’s fiction, as well as narrative nonfiction and occasional prescriptive nonfiction, primarily in areas that intersect with social justice, including contemporary culture, psychology, popular science, and media. Her bestselling and award-winning client list includes Rabia Chaudry, Jay Coles, Mason Deaver, Dylan Marron, Anthony Oliveira, Ijeoma Oluo, Erica Ridley, and Samantha Young, among others.

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